Every Penny Counts

As a college student, every penny counts. From expensive tuition to expensive books college students are spending their hard earned money to get an education. In a generation where children are told that an education will make them successful and get them a good job, many people end up attending a college after graduating from high school. Using coupons is a way to have a little extra money that could be spent on personal desires such as: food, clothes and electronics. Although the amount saved may be small per transaction, it adds up to be a lot of money after multiple transactions. They can be extremely useful in addition to getting scholarships for school funding such as those on dealspotr which can be found at https://dealspotr.com/scholarship-giveaway. Coupons are an efficient way to save money that could be spent to get other things that would otherwise be spent unnecessarily.

Most of us remember being young and seeing our parents flip through newspapers and magazines to cut out a plethora of coupons to different grocery stores. While in line they would hold up the line going through all their coupons to find the ones they could use during that grocery store run. As children, we would have rather been running around with friends in the sun than standing in a grocery store watching our parents flip through coupons. Despite saving money, some people may be hesitant to use coupons because they do not want to go through the hassle of going through tons of newspapers and carrying around paper coupons. In the 21st century, phones can be used to assist people in order to have a multitude of coupons without the hassle of having to find the ones appropriate for our trip or making a mess in our bags and wallets. The wallet application on the iPhone is a perfect example of how we can have all of our coupons in one place, mess free. The wallet app is free, safe and convenient. It holds boarding passes, movie tickets, retail coupons and rewards cards. It is hassle free and most importantly it is safe to use.

Another app that is convenient to use is the QFC app. To use the QFC app, simply enter a phone number that is registered to a QFC card. The coupons are organized into categories so it is easy to find the ones you need and save money. Also, coupons that you choose are automatically loaded onto your QFC card and the checkout machines automatically detect which coupons can be used during a transaction based on the items being bought. This is a fast and easy way of saving money that takes little to no effort at all.

Coupons are a great way for anyone to save money. People are never too old or too young to save money. We wouldn’t just hand our money away to strangers without getting anything out of it, so why spend extra money on groceries that could be used toward further gain and success for yourself? Next time you go shopping, take the time to look for coupons and make use of applications on your mobile device to get the most bang for your buck.


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